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Kenko 77mm Variable NDX Neutral Density Filter

The Kenko Variable NDX Neutral Density Filter achieves a complete range of approximately 1 ½ to 8 ½ stops of Neutral Density without the need for stacked filters, simply by attaching it to lens and turning the outer ring like a polarizing filter.The effects are seen prior to capture, where the minimum amount can be set for framing and focus, then turn the outer ring for the desired ND effect. The digital multi-coating helps to reduce flare and ghosting that is common with stacked filters. The Variable NDX Neutral Density Filter prevents overexposure and highlight clipping, even with fast shutter speeds and wide open apertures. Captures of highly reflective objects produce more pleasing results, all without affecting the details.For long exposures, the Variable NDX filter allows the freedom to change only the shutter speed  and adjust the ND strength according to the effect desired. Create effects such as blurred water to show motion or use for time exposures of buildings and other subjects where not having people in the shot is preferred.  The Variable NDX filter is also ideal for bright locations such as beach, snow or cityscapes.For HD video-enabled cameras, the Variable NDX Neutral Density Filter easily adjusts light control and shutter speed, allowing for blurred background effects, simulating a night scene or manually creating fade in / fade out effects.The Variable NDX filter features a depolarizing plate to eliminate any color shift that can occur when doubling polarizing filters. Original colors remain as is, without the need for post color correction or white balance adjustments while shooting.
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