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Sprint Alum Hardening Solution, 1 litre

The Sprint Record Alum Hardening Converter is used to convert record speed fixer into a hardening fixer or a block stop bath into a hardening stop bath.It is used in the fixer for black and white films and printsThe alum hardening strengthens the emulsion and makes them resistant to abrasion and water absorptionIf the emulsions are not hard, then they can be scratched easily when wet and absorb moisture when dryThe Sprint Record Alum Hardening Converter in the fixer also shields emulsions and thereby enhances the archival permanenceThis alum hardening when used with resin-coated prints, avoids scratches, and offers hard gloss on glossy finish papersIt can be used with fiber-based prints when the emulsion is soft and prints need to be dried on hot drumsFiber prints do not require hardening emulsions, as they are already hardened by heat, light, and air while manufacturing
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