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Sunbounce Sunstrip Mini Silver/White Screen

The California-Sunbounce Mini Sun-Bounce Silver is a stable and lightweight frame made of high-quality aluminum. This California Sunbounce Screen 8 x 36" frame can be easily assembled and combined with different light-absorbing, light-reducing, and reflecting screensThe sun-strip reflector helps in quick light fall off and prevents light spill offThis California Sunbounce Silver/White Screen is a reversible reflector, which can be easily mounted on the Sun Strip mini frameThis California Sunbounce 8 x 36" screen  is made from high-quality reflective and translucent materials and comes with both silver and white sidesThe silver side is used to reflect the light, whereas the white side to diffuse and soften the lightThis system is very reliable and permits various conceivable lighting situationsThis California Sunbounce Silver/White Screen can be used even during strong windsThe California-Sunbounce Mini Sun-Bounce Silver frame can be easily disassembled in minutes and carried wherever required
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