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California Sunbounce Le Louche Screen for Big Sun Swatter, 6 x 8'

The Le Louche screen allows the photographer to make patterns and break up light falling on the subject. Used with the Sun Swatter or Sun Scrim frames, the Le Louche screen allows you to fold, form and insert your own patterns andobjects for endless varieties of dappled and mottled light patterns. How it works: The pattern is derived from the forms and variety of folds or whatever you stuff in between, which determines the shadow structure and density of your light. The two transparent layers help to keep in place whatever you create, even in windy conditions. In just a few minutes you can have a quality of light which is unique and in the position you require. The surroundings can be allowed to sink into shadow or create light and shadow structures familiar to you from branches or foliage - as soft or as harsh as you want. Stripes, spots, virtually any conceivable patterns are possible. Or throw a handful of leaves, snippets (shreds), strips or whatever you want between the carrier layers. Everything is retained securely and turned into an individual shadow structure. If you are working vertically, secure your personal pattern for the current shoot by using a few deft tacking threads or a simple price-tag gun. Large openings on either side make it easy to arrange material into the desired pattern. Package includes: Le Louche Translucent Screen for Sun Swatter Big
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