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Sunbounce Sun-swatter Big Cine Net Black Screen, 6x8 feet

The Sun-Swatter Big Cine Net is an easy and quick shadow caster that can control the harsh sunlight effectively. You will be able to work any time, uninterruptedly irrespective of the sun’s direction and altitude.The California-Sunbounce 6' X 8' Black Screen produces a big shadow that can be moved with the talent so that the flow and creativity of the shoot is improvedThe U-shaped frame along with various diffusion fabrics can offer you with a range of new possibilities and optionsOne side of the Photographic Light Reflector’s frame is open so that the frame shadow is not limitedYou can run or move along with the talents with the Sun-Swatter Big Cine Net screen over a pole on hand as it is easy to use and holdIf the screen is held properly it can float over the talent’s heads with the windWith its small and lightweight structure, the California-Sunbounce 6' X 8' Black Screen  is easy and quick to assemble and disassembleThis photographic light reflector can soften and slightly diffuse light by lowering the exposure of light by nearly 1/2 f-stopThis cine net sceen is durable and the frame keeps the screen taut to ensure modification of light consistently
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