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Sunbounce Sunbounce PRO Frame with Black / Soft White Screen, 4X6 feet

The California Sunbounce Pro Black/Soft white Screen can be used as black background as well as to eliminate unwanted light. This California-Sunbounce Sun-Strip Pro Screen’s frame can be combined with different light absorbing, light-reducing, and light reflecting screens to create a desired lighting look.This California-Sunbounce Sun-Strip Pro Screen can be used to produce soft, hard, natural, and artificial lightThis  California Sunbounce Reflector kit includes lightweight anodized aluminum frame, reversible black soft white screen, and shoulder bagThe black side of the screen is used for blocking light, whereas the soft white side is used to reflect soft diffused lightThis California-Sunbounce Sun-Strip Pro Screen includes a crossbar and a clamp to hold the system comfortably in different waysThe California Sunbounce Reflector screen is made using high-quality reflective and translucent materialsThis reflector screen allows feasible lighting situation to manage and control strong windsYou can assemble, disassemble, and carry this screen anywhere easilyThe California Sunbounce reflector screen comes in 3 x 4' and weighs 4lbs.
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