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Sinar eVolution 75H

The Sinarback eVolution 75H is a high-end solution for all studio tasks. With 33 million pixels resolution, it guarantees optimal picture quality, color reproduction, and also allows you to take full advantage of the time, cost and coordination benefits of digital workflow.By eliminating components such as display, presettings and memory enhances the maximum transfer rate to computer, improving speed and picture quality still further. While the Firewire 800 (via IEEE 1349b interface), state of the art for data exchange between camera, digiback and computer, speeds up live imaging.Dual Peltier and fan cooling ensures optimal continuous operation, even when things hot up during studio work. This also impacts positively on product service life, further protecting the investment of photographers who choose the Sinarback eVolution 75H.In 1-shot mode, the Sinarback eVolution 75H has an image file size (RAW) of 68 MB. In 190 MB 4-shot mode, controlled color overlays specifically reduce the color moiré effects and make color interpolations superfluous. Universally usable, the back can be quickly adapted to various view- and medium format cameras. The main adapters available are the for the Sinar m system, the Sinar p3 and Sinar f3. In keeping with the Sinar modular system, the eVolution 75 is designed to be combined with other Sinar components, easily and flexibly, according to specific requirements.
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