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Sinar Hy6/65 Medium Format Camera System

Sinar has designed the Sinar Hy6 65 as a truly integrated digital medium format camera system that offers photographers maximum ease of use for mobile applications and an optimum workflow combined with outstanding image quality - the perfect solution wherever moving subjects need to be caught in action. Thanks to the seamless integration of high-quality system components with optimized communication between lens, camera body, digital engine, and software, the Sinar Hy6 65 allows the photographer to concentrate on capturing excellent images. No guesswork, no disturbing cables, no manual synchronization of different components – the Sinar Hy6 65 fully supports the photographer in their creative process.Furthermore, the Sinar Hy6 embodies everything you can expect from a state-of-the-art camera system. As well as its precise autofocus and exposure metering system, it brings innovative features such as focus trap and focus bracketing to the world of medium-format. Thanks to its between-thelens shutter, it features the fastest flash sync speed for medium-format camera systems of 1/1000 second, allowing you to freeze-frame even very fast motion.The 6x6 design of the Sinar Hy6 camera body gives the photographer an entirely different approach to their creative work. They can conveniently arrange their images with the large, bright focusing screen and interchangeable viewfinders, and switch the image orientation from landscape to portrait without having to turn the camera. Only 6x6 medium-format cameras with the appropriate viewfinders can offer such convenience when creating pictures with extraordinary perspectives.The Sinar Hy6 65 offers access to a wide range of high-quality AFD lenses with the resolving power and image quality required for high-end and high-resolution digital imaging. It is also compatible with the manual focus and AF lenses of the successful Rollei 6008 camera system. Thanks to this access to such a wide range of lenses, the Sinar Hy6 65 ensures that you can capture your images with the intended perspective and scale of reproduction at the required quality level.With both the Sinar Hy6 65 and the Sinar Hy6-s65r camera, images are captured with a 31 million pixel CCD sensor with an imaging area that is almost twice the size of a full-frame 35 mm camera system. Thanks to their QCIP technology (QuadCore Image Processing), these Sinar Hy6 camera models are the first digital medium-format cameras with fully integrated digital image processing on board. Image processing settings such as contrast, saturation, and noise suppression can be set directly on the camera system for fast and easy processing of the captured images.The high-speed data transfer of the Sinar Hy6 65 and Sinar Hy6-s65r models allows you to take pictures at fast caputuring rates and store them to CF card in DNG and JPEG format. For the best capturing performance and image quality, the Sinar Hy6-s65r and Sinarback eSprit 65 also support the well-proven Sinar RAW file format. Alternatively, depending on the model, two image file formats DNG+JPEG can be stored simultaneously. Thus you can send low resolution JPEGs to the art director or agency immediately after the shoot and process the selected high-resolution images later on.The Sinar Hy6 65 and the Sinar Hy6-s65r feature a very bright, high-resolution 3” display that changes its orientation according to the orientation of the camera. The hardware keys and track ball ensure the easiest, intuitive operation without the hassle of navigating through complex menu structures. The dual power supply concept of the Sinar Hy6 65 allows the camera system to be operated with one single battery in the camera’s handgrip for minimum weight. Alternatively, a second battery can be placed inside the digital unit for maximum operation time.The Sinar Hy6 65, the Sinar Hy6-s65r, and the Sinarback eSprit 65 come with the latest edition of the well-received Sinar eXposure software, a professional application designed to capture, manage, and process high-quality digital images. Thanks to the seamless system integration, you can also control your Sinar Hy6 digital camera and Sinar digital back remotely.Features:Innovative 6x6 camera formatEasily rotatable handgrip for most suitable ergonomic positionIntuitive operation thanks to hardware dials and flat menu structureUnique native DNG image files for flexible use of image processing software of your choiceOn-board JPEG image files with four selectable sizes and two compression rates for fast internet transferAlternatively two image file formats can be stored simultaneouslyAutomatic orientation of the display for comfortable readingAutomatic white balanceBest suited for fashion shoots with up to 0,9 exposures per second, fast flash sync time and a sensitivity of up to ISO 800Includes:Sinar Hy6 Medium Format Camera BodySinar 65 Digital Camera Back
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