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Sinar Teleconverter 1.4x

The 1.4 x Rollei 1.4x Schneider Longar HFT teleconverter is a high-quality camera accessory to increase focal length.The Schneider Longar 1.4x HFT teleconverter extends basic lens focal length by a 1.4 factorThe Rollei Schneider teleconverter  is perfect for creative photography as the wide-aperture super photos are produced by  the effective aperture decreasing by only one f-stopThe Rollei Schneider teleconverter is appropriate for capturing close-ups as the minimum focus distance is unchangedThe Schneider Longar 1.4x HFT teleconverter  is compatible with wide-aperture lenses, such as 80mmf/2, 180mm f/2.8, and 300mm f/4, as well as a few other telephoto lensesThe 1.4x Longar must not be used with the Planar 80 mm f/2.8 as the exit pupil will damage the entrance pupil of the teleconverter lens
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