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Sinar Sinaron SE 135mm f/5.6 with Copal 0

Large format Sinaron 135mm copal shutter lenses are fitted with a Copal between-the-lens shutter.A conversion kit is used for attaching these large format lenses with a Copal between-the-lens shutterThese Sinaron digital 135mm copal shutter lenses fit cameras such as Sinar p2 4x5", Sinar p2 5x7", Sinar p2 8x10", Sinar p1 4x5", Sinar p1 5x7", Sinar p1 8x10", Sinar x 4x5", Sinar f2 4x5", Sinar f2 5x7" Sinar f2 8x10", and Sinar f1 4x5"The Sinar Sinaron SE 5.6/135 Copa lens has improved color correction by using the ED glass typeThese lenses are also available at focal lengths of 150, 180, 210, 240, 300, and 360mm
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