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Polaris Digital Meter

Features: Reads shutter speeds up to 1/8000 sec. in ambient mode or 1/500 sec. in flash modes Sliding sphere for incident or reflected readings Eight additional shutter speeds available to match the sync speed of virtually any camera. Choose from 25 shutter speeds in ambient modes. 18 in flash modes. Four exposure modes to choose from: ? Ambient (f/stop) ? Ambient (EV value) ? Flash (cord activated) ? Flash (Cordless activation) Unique multi-flash feature makes it easy to calculate and add cumulative flash exposures ("multi-pop"). Standard PC terminal for sync cord flash activation. ISO range from 3 to 8000 Large "bargraph" scale for each fractional measurement in 1/10 f/stop Oversized LCD display is easy to read, even at full arm's length Direct ambient readings in f/stop or EV values Measurement range from f/5 to f/90.9 Compact, ultra-thin design weighs under 4 oz. — less than 1-inch thick Plus ... Automatic battery check. Displays battery status every time you switch it on User-Preset Program level. Program for over-or underexposure in 1/10-stop increments, up to 9/10-stop. A memory chip retains settings when battery is replaced Two-year US Warranty.
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