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Sekonic PRODIGI Color C-500 Meter

This is the world's first color temperature meter calibrated for both digital and film. It is not enough to merely create a custom white balance if your objective is truly accurate color. Anyone working with mixed lighting of any kind, including mixing strobes of different makers or ages, will appreciate this meter. Befor an image can be produced that is free of unwanted color cast, the color temperature of each light source must be determined. The C-500 is calibrated for both digital CCD's and CMOS chips.Features:Color Control Command Center - easy, one-touch display provides a comprehensive array of color/illumination informationDigital and film compatible - measures and displays color temperature and compensations values in LB/CC indes or filter numbers for both digital and film cameras.Illuminance Measurement - brightnes of continuous light sources is displayed in LUX (lx) or Foot-Candle (FC)Color values displayed in three ways - Color temperature (in degrees Kelvin), Light Balancing in MK-1 (per Mega Kelvin) and Color Compensation Index and Light Balancing/Color Compensation (LB/CC) Filter Number DisplayFlash color measurement flash readings available in non-cord, cord and wireless modesNineteen preset white balance/color compensation function enables adjusting display values to compensate for differences in film types, light sources, digital sensors, or personal preferenceIncludes:Soft case StrapSynchro terminal capOperating manualQuick Guide2 AA dry cell alkaline batteries
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