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Schneider Digitar WA 28mm f/2.8

28mm f/2.8 lens Schneider Digitar lenses have been especially designed to meet the needs of digital photography. They provide the ultrahigh resolution required by today's CCD sensors and by the next generation, and assure high image quality. Digitar lenses offer outstanding clarity and sharpness over their entire image fields. Their large image circles enable all the tilt and shift adjustments of professional studio cameras to be used in digital photography. Features:Higher Resolving Power Digitar Lenses have much higher resolving power than medium format or large format lenses which is needed to project the same image content onto the much smaller area of a digital chip.Better Apochromatic Correction Apochromatic correction of Digitar lenses is optimized for digital chips, which record all colors in one focal plain compared to film, which has virtually 3 focal plains due to its layered design.Shorter Focal Length For Wide Angle Capabilities Digitar lenses are available with much shorter focal length. Because of the lens magnification factor that applies for the use of all 4 x 5 lenses with the much smaller chips, wide-angle photography is only possible with Digitar lenses.Use of full perspective control with view cameras and digital backs Digitars with their large image circle are designed to work with view cameras for full perspective control which cannot be achieved with any other system.Note: This lens does not have a shutter.
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