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Schneider Center Filter for 47mm f/5.6 Lens

The Schneider Center Filter F/47/5.6 is designed for compensating vignetting effect experienced with ultra wide angle lenses. This filter eliminates the disturbance caused due to the fall off of illumination towards the corners while working with wide angle lenses.The transparency of the Schneider 47mm F/5.6 Lens filter increases gradually from center of the filter to the edges to reach full transparencyIn order to avoid over exposure and consideration of the exposure latitude of the film emulsions, the vignetting of the lens is not fully compensatedThe use of center filters along with the Schneider 47mm Super-Angulon XL Wide Angle Lens can open new areas of wide-angle photography in black-and-white and colorIt is important to increase the exposure of 1.5 stops for getting maximum result and definition while using Schneider Center Filter F/47/5.6It is also important to stop down lens below the maximum aperture by two full stops to achieve the maximum compensating effect of the center filterThis Schneider 47mm F/5.6 Lens filter features 67mm front accessory thread and uses a 70 mm push-on lens cap
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