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Redrock Micro M2 MicroX Bundle for SD/HD Canon EOS Camera

If you want to buy a complete kit to set your camera up with the M2 cinema lens adapter, then the Redrock Micro M2 Encore Bundle - Universal SD/HD is the best bet. This popular product includes all the basic components required to attach the M2 Encore adapter. The microX flip accessory present in the M2 microX Bundle - Universal SD/HD can be used to orient the image. The bundle is designed to work effectively with both standard definition cameras and high definition cameras as well.• The Redrock M2 Bundle comprises of components necessary for delivering superior image quality, depth of field, and varied fields of view• The M2 microX Bundle can be used along with the Nikon 35mm photo lens• Step ring, hard mount kit, and shims are included in the Redrock system• Correct orientation of the image can be achieved using the microX flip accessory present in the bundle• The look and feel of an actual cinema can be achieved with the M2 Encore Cinema Lens Adapter present in this bundle• You can also choose an SLR lens mount to set your adapter in such as way that the focal distance is precise• The microX riser block and the alternate riser block are also offered in the Redrock Micro M2 Encore Bundle• The bundle features a microRodSupport base plate system with 15mm lightweight configuration• Redrock Hat• 18" stainless steel rods• 82-55mm step-down ring• 72-55mm step-down ring
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