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Redrock Micro Captain Stubling DSLR Camera Rig

Camera shaking or rolling shutter is possible while shooting pictures with handheld cameras. The use of Redrock Micro Ultraport DSLR Bundle eliminates camera vibrations and ensures a great photographic experience. Get the Captain Stubling DSLR Bundle, which has already made a big hit in the market.The Redrock Micro Ultraport DSLR Bundle allows you to have an ultimate shooting experienceThe Redrock Micro DSLR Hybrid Camera Rig comes with a DSLR baseplate, which is compatible with shoulder rigs and help attach support rods below your cameraThe handlebar clamp allows 4" grip rods and handlebar rods to get fixed to the standard rodsThe Captain Stubling DSLR Bundle also comes with 9" carbon fiber rodsThe two rubberized handgrips help you to hold the camera steadilyA microShoeClamp and a DSLR tripod platform can also be included in this bundleBy mounting the microShoeClamp to your camera, you can add a new set of rods for additional mounting optionsUsing the DSLR tripod platform available in the Redrock Micro Ultraport DSLR Bundle, it is possible to shift immediately from handheld to tripod shootingYou can adapt to different shooting styles using this DSRL rig
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