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Rosco 10 x 12" Cinegel Sampler Kit

This is an all-purpose selection of the most popular Cinegel products. There are fifteen 10 x 12" Rosco light control materials for the photographer. Included are materials for diffusion, reflection, color effects and mixed-light color correction (strobes, tungsten, "hotlights," or cool white fluorescents). Package contains one each of: 3202 Full Blue (Boosts 3200K to 5500K) 3204 Half Blue (Boosts 3200K to 4100K) 3407 Roscosun CTO (Converts 5500K to 2900K) 3408 RoscoSun 1/2 CTO 3409 Roscosun 1/4 CTO (Converts 5500K to 4500K) 3304 Tough Plusgreen (balances daylight sources to cool white flourescents) 3040 Powder Frost (Diffusion) 3009 Light Tough Frost (Diffusion) 3026 Tough White Diffusion 3011 Tough Silk (Diffusion) 3805 Flex G (Soft Reflector, Gold) 3114 UV 26 Light Red Roscolux 80 Primary Blue Roscolux 26 Moss Green Roscolux
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