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Rosco The Strobist Collection Filter Kit

Rosco, the worldwide leader in color filters has assembled the essential collection of filters for use with your on-board flash. Rosco has been manufacturing color filters since 1910 and our Cinegel range of color filters has earned two Academy Awards. Working with David Hobby, the founder of, The Strobist Collection contains the Cinegel filters photographers need, properly sized (1.5" x 3.25") to fit most shoe-mount strobes. There are 20 different colors inside with multiple pieces of each color for a total of 55 pieces of filter.Strobist Collection IncludesFive of each:Cinegel #3202 Full CTB - Cooling FilterCinegel #3204 1/2 CTB - Cooling FilterCinegel #3208 1/4 CTB - Cooling FilterCinegel #3401 Sun 85 CTO - Warming Filter (Converts 5500° Flash to 3200° Tungsten)Cinegel #3408 Sun 1/2 CTO - Warming FilterCinegel #3409 Sun 1/4 CTO - Warming FilterRoscolux #08 Pale Gold - Warming Filter (With a small amount of pink for skin tones)Cinegel #3304 Tough Plusgreen - Adds green to flash to match cool white fluorescent bulbs Two of each:Cinegel #3415 N.15 Neutral Density FilterCinegel #3403 N.6 Neutral Density FilterCinegel #3404 N.9 Neutral Density FilterOne of each:Roscolux #12 Straw (Yellow)Roscolux #23 OrangeRoscolux #26 Light RedRoscolux #33 No Color PinkRoscolux #39 Skelton Exotic Sangria (Magenta)Roscolux #358 Rose Indigo (Purple)Roscolux #80 Primary BlueRoscolux #375 Cerulean Blue (Cyan)Roscolux #90 Dark Yellow Green
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