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Photographic Solutions Brushoff Sensor Brush

The Brushoff combines a brush with soft fine fibers and a grounding plug to effectively remove dust from your camera’s sensor.The Brushoff design evolved from a NASA design and engineered to meet their rigorous requirements and specifications. The brush head and grounding plug provide a conductive path that breaks the electronic bond to remove debris and discharge the sensor so new particles are not immediately attracted to it again.The plastic handle itself is a non-conductor which isolates the human from the brush. This allows the brush to be used in the field, away from any grounding source until one can locate a ground and discharge the Brushoff.Cleaning it is also quite simple. Use a clean PEC*PAD & Eclipse to wipe the bristles before your first use. A moistened towelette is provided with each BRUSHOFF.IMPORTANT : In some cameras, the baffle is covered by a fine oily residue which is used as a lubricant. If any of the BRUSHOFF bristles come in contact with this residue, it will cause smearing on your sensor. Avoiding the baffle altogether is next to impossible. Thorough cleaning of the brush will be needed using Eclipse and Pec* Pad. If oil transfers to the sensor, from the brush, use the correct size Sensor Swab and Eclipse to clean.Designed in conjunction with and engineered to NASA specsUnique blend of fibers designed to neutralize charged dust particles AND to neutralize the sensor surface to prevent further dust attractionDetachable grounding cableRetractable shaft to protect brush when not in use Protective capInsulated handle
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