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Photographic Solutions e-wipes 3 x 3" (8 x 8cm)

Safe for use on monochrome CCDs, scanners, optical mirrors and other sensitive electronic and photographic image-forming surfaces. e-wipes combine an ultra-pure, lint-free wipe and a precise premeasured amount of an ultra-pure, highly refined alcohol mixture. This convenient packaging prevents over-usage and contamination that can destroy an expensive component. As originally sealed, this packet contains not more than five parts per million of contaminants and when used, will dry instantly, leaving absolutely no residue. Recommended by manufacturers of digital cameras, scanners and other devices with critical cleaning requirements. This product meets or exceeds SEMI standards. Not for use with Dye-On CCD chip. Please consult your user's manual to determine if this product is suitable for use with your camera. You may also search Photographic Solutions' Web site to see which manufacturers have recommended this product.
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