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Paramount 5' Coiled Sync Cord, Rollei Spring Lock to PC

With built-in spring locking mechanism, the Paramount 5' Coiled Sync Cord is designed to be used with twin lens Rollei cameras and flashes. Since these heavy duty cords come with a mushroom shape tip, it perfectly gets locked into a camera or flash.The PC standard tip also provides a smooth fit for professional cameras as its construction is comparatively heavy and strongWhen the tip is loosened using the “PC Conditioner Plus,” then it is possible to use this heavy duty cord with Minolta, Canon, Olympus, or other 35MM camerasMade from molded plastic, these PC tips can rotate 360 degrees without breaking Doubly insulated heavy duty Paramount cords feature heavy gauge wires that are individually stranded and tinned to provide maximum conductivityIn order to prevent knotting, twisting, kinking, and breaking of wires, they are  placed in a parallel position within the cordsThe spring and elasticity is maintained for a long time use
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