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Photogenic PL1250DRC UV Digital PowerLight

PowerLight monolights are built to meet the everyday demands of photo professionals. Their job is a lot like yours: to provide exact and repeatable results in demanding lighting situations, day in and day out.The PL1250DRC has a 6 f-stop flash output range from 16 to 500Ws. The unit delivers accurate, repeatable power to the flash tube every flash, for consistent exposures. At full power it has a short 1/1300 sec. flash duration. Tight control of the flash output is accomplished through a digital display that allows for precise adjustments in 1/10 or 1/2 f-stop increments. Just like the flash, the bright 250W modeling lamp can be controlled to any output level you need—full, proportional, manual or off. The user-replaceable flash tube is color-corrected to daylight Kelvin temperature.When you purchase a PowerLight, you gain the creative freedom that comes from having dozens of compatible light modifiers to choose from: soft boxes, umbrellas and the entire Quick-Change line, including those legendary Photogenic reflectors.Professionals trust Photogenic PowerLights for rugged build, consistent output, and reliable results.Features:Fast 1/1300 sec. flash durationColor-corrected flashtubeDigital display of flash and modeling power settings500Ws 1.5 second recycle from full power6 f-stop flash power range: 500~16WsRepeatable flash output to ±0.05 f-stopGN 365250W modeling lampFlash and modeling output adjustments in 1/10 or 1/2 f-stop incrementsProportional, full on/off, or manual modeling lamp settingsFlash OK lightReady lightAuto power discharge (flash dump)Photo slaveSafe, low 5-volt sync voltageHeavy-duty 1/4" sync socketTest-fire buttonSurge protectionInternal thermal protectionExtruded aluminum housingWorks with Quick-Change light shaping accessories
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