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Profoto Spot Attachment - Small

The Profoto Multispot Flash Head includes an in-built flashtube in order to increase the efficiency of the Profoto Lighting.  This built-in flash type offers 100% conformity of flash light and the model for a complete control of light.The Profoto Flash Head features removable and frosted Fresnel lens with 80 mm diameterThe Profoto Flash Head comes with an optional Fresnel lens  to get more character and faster light fall-offThis Profoto Lighting is the smallest professional flash spot availableIt is possible to zoom this flash head from 10 to 40 degree for individual adjustments of the light beamThis Profoto Multispot Flash Head includes optional dedolight attachments to project gobo’s ,pattern and pin spots even from a short distanceThis Flash head of Profoto also includes an active fan to cool the system and allows  continuous usageIt also offers an integrated support for filters and barn doorsThis Profoto Lighting includes a 300 W halogen model lamp and offers upto 1200Ws flash capacityThis flash head of the Profoto Multispot is the ideal option for advanced still life photographers and for photographers looking for a truly mobile Fresnel spot for location shots.
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