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Profoto ProBox with 310mm Table Stand

The Profoto Probox with Table Stand is small in size and is very useful for small reflecting objects. This portable light box is 20 x 30 cm in size and provides even illumination from corner to corner.The Profoto Probox With Table Stand can be used for small reflecting objectsSeveral portable light boxes can be grouped together to get large lighting areaThe wrap on the edge of the light box enables seamless joining of additional units when firedIt is possible to mount this light box like a reflector on Profoto flash headsThis Probox table stand 310mm is strong and rigidWrinkles and imperfections in soft fabric diffusers can be seen in the reflections in silver and glassThe solid face of the Profoto Probox With Table Stand offers edge-to-edge lighting without reflectionThe front portion of the Probox is water proof, which makes it ideal forĀ  pouring and splashing shots as it dries quicklyThis portable light box is the perfect option for any tabletop applicationThis Probox table stand 310mm accepts a standard head to provide true proportional modeling lightThis portable light box is compatible with ProHead, Pro-B Head, and AcuteB Head
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