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Profoto Batpac Portable Power Source

The Profoto Batpac Portable Power is a powerful battery/inverter kit that can be used with power advanced flash equipment like Profoto D1 monolights. Apart from Profoto D1, this portable power source is also used with Acute2 and ComPact flash equipment. These portable power systems can also be used with other devices such as chargers, wind machines, refrigerator boxes, and constant light sources. This power supplying equipment comes with a handy nylon transport bag.A single BatPac is used to run Portfoto D1 light, a Portfoto Acute2 light, and two Portfot ComPact moonlightsFor a Profoto D1 that consumes 1000Ws power, this Profoto Batpac Portable Power pack can provide up to 300 flashesFor the 500Ws Profoto D1, this portable power source can supply power for 600 flashesFor the 250Ws Profoto D1, this kit can deliver 1200 flashesThe maximum output power that can be given continuously is 600WIt is a lead acid type battery with a nominal capacity of 17Ah and maximum input current of 60AThe kit alarms the user when the voltage reaches 10.5 VWhen the voltage drops down to 10V, the kit automatically turns offWhen the battery is empty, it may take eight hours to recharge
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