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Phase One IQ140 Digital Back with Mamiya RZ Mount plus Value Added Pack

The IQ140 digital back offers 40 megapixels resolution. With this back you can capture images of stunning quality with extreme detail reproduction. The high resolution gives you maximum versatility with your images, ensuring high quality and usage, even when you work with cropped images. The full-frame capture format ensures the best wide angle performance with your lenses.Multi Touch Screen DisplayThe multi touch screen lets you zoom, pan and browse through images fast and it is easy to navigate between different menus and features. The IQ series backs are designed with invisible controls that are context sensitive and appear only when specific areas of the screen are touched. One example of this is the unique instant zoom function, which allows you to zoom just by using just one finger. Small histograms and highlight warnings can be enlarged to full screen view by simply touching them. Wide format display allows for a full 4:3 aspect ratio VGA resolution image next to histogram, highlight warning, focus mask, EXIF data, and touch controls. It is possible to operate the IQ back using the multi touch screen display or the well-known and intuitive 4-button navigation.Highest Resolution Camera Display with Vibrant ColorsThe IQ series digital back features a large 3.2" retina type, high resolution display. With the 1.15 megapixel resolution display very fine details can be checked instantly. With a very high pixel pitch of 290 ppi (dpi) most people can't distinguish between the individual pixels at a normal viewing distance. The automatic adjustment of brightness and contrast ensures that the display is visible in various light scenarios. The display also has an extreme viewing angle of 170 degrees, so images easily can be validated at a glance. It has extremely good color rendition and color gradations with 16 million colors.Fastest Tethered CaptureThe IQ series backs are the first digital backs to feature a USB3 connection, facilitating faster image transfers in the future. The IQ series also features a FireWire 800 connection, ensuring the fastest tethered capture speeds possible today. With the IQ series digital back you are sure to have consistent fast capture rates when photographing.Sensor+ for High ISO CapturesThe IQ digital back can support your photography in a variety of work conditions. You can capture your images with 40 megapixels resolution or you can use the Sensor+ technology and go for a faster workflow, capturing images with 10 megapixels resolution at 4 times higher ISO speeds of up to ISO 3200. Capturing with Sensor+ is especially well suited for shooting in low light conditions. With Sensor+ there are no crop or lens factors; you get the maximum wide angle performance with your lenses.Fastest Validation of Correct Focus with Focus MaskNo need to zoom anymore to validate your focus. The IQ series backs are designed to display a colored semi-transparent mask on top of the preview to show which parts of the image are in focus. It's extremely useful to validate depth-of-field and get instant feedback about whether a shot is perfectly focused or not.Fastest Untethered CaptureThe IQ140 digital back has memory card interface capable of moving data faster than any current memory cards can deliver. In practice this means that with the fastest CompactFlash cards you can continue to capture images until your card is full without experiencing any slowdown in performance.12.5 f-stops Dynamic RangeReproduce scenes with extreme tonal differences and details in one shot from the 12.5 f-stops dynamic range.Optimized Image Quality with Capture One 6Capture One 6 is a professional RAW converter and image editing software. It contains all the essential tools and high-end performance in one package to enable you to capture, organize, edit, share and print images in a fast, flexible and efficient workflow. Capture One 6 has been optimized for shooting with The Phase One IQ digital backs.Vertical and Horizontal Capture GuidanceThe IQ140 digital back has vertical and horizontal capture guidance available to help you align your shots perfectly from the start, so the need for postproduction is minimized.Better Compatibility with 645DF CameraCompatibility with the Phase One 645DF camera has been improved over previous digital backs. For instance the power state of the back can now be controlled directly from the camera.Integrated Battery ChargerThe integrated battery charger ensures that the battery is charged when you're shooting tethered, offering you more versatility in your shooting. The IQ series of backs are always ready to be used untethered.RuggedEntirely built of 100% machined aircraft grade aluminum for highest quality black chrome finish. Stronger than any other digital back. Black chrome metal surface and LCD cover glass are extremely scratch resistant. All electronic connectors and ports are protected with automatic retracting hatches or rubber covers.PersonalizedWith the IQ series of backs you can now personalize your camera with your own background image, splash screen, or logo.
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