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Olympus ED 150mm f2.0 Digital Telephoto Lens

Olympus extends its range of E-System lenses one step further with the introduction of a bright telephoto lens, the ZUIKO DIGITAL ED150mm F2.0 (35mm camera equivalent: 300mm). The lens' telephoto performance is coupled with high light-gathering power and full compatibility with the TIPA award-winning FourThirds standard means it is both compact and portable. An invaluable component of any professional's kit, the ZUIKO DIGITAL ED150mm F2.0 will also be popular amongst those who demand the visual impact of the best nature and sports shots.Versatility: The ZUIKO DIGITAL ED150mm telephoto lens is exceptionally compact and light. Through compatibility with the FourThirds System this new generation lens offers distinct benefits, such as portability, high image quality and brightnessVery bright aperture: The F2.0 aperture permits the photographer to bring a shallow depth of field to the composition, allowing subjects to be creatively framed by blurring the background. Alternatively, this bright aperture is ideal for shooting at high shutter speeds and documenting a sequence of movements at high-speed, ie: the action of a sports scene or the swift motion of an animalTwo ED lens elementsOptical precision is exceptional: For superior lens performance, two ED lens elements minimise chromatic aberration. One is termed a 'super' ED lens element and is particularly effective in reducing chromatic aberration because it has spectral characteristics similar to the fluorite elements which are used for correcting this problemNew multi-coating: Significantly suppressing ghosting and image flare, a new multi-coating reduces the reflection over a wide range of light wavelengthsAdvanced floating mechanism: The optical system's floating mechanism delivers sharp, high contrast images from close-up to infinity (shortest shooting range:1.2m)Focus limit switch and focus stop button: To save the photographer precious time when focusing and offering that extra edge to achieve the perfect shot, the focus range may be limitedSplash and dust proof construction: A special splash and dust proof construction protects the lens, allowing it to be used in a wide range of conditionsOptics designed exclusively for digital photography: All ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses are designed to maximise the performance of digital SLR cameras based on the FourThirds standard. This permits full cross-manufacturer interchangeability among camera systems that apply to the standard. Near telecentric optics ensure images have perfect colour, clarity and brightness from the centre to the periphery of the frame. The lenses' high resolving power ensures the image sensor obtains the detail it requires to achieve its full potential. Furthermore, thanks to their splash-proof construction, the ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses are also protected against the elements
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