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Nikon 1 J1 Two Lens Zoom Kit with 10-30mm and 30-110mm Lenses, White

Nikon 1 J1 is a complete imaging system that combines the simplicity of a compact camera with the flexibility of a DSLR.The Two Lens zoom Kit contains the versatile 10-30mm and far reaching 30-110mm zoom lenses. This kit combination is perfect for capturing subjects near and far. The total zoom reach of 11x you prepared for any shooting situation. For a sense of style, the included lenses match the color of the camera body (kit lenses only).Revolutionary Nikon 1 system breaks visual barriersMemories and important moments are captured using a highly responsive autofocus and super fast shooting speed. Capture in still or switch to Full HD (1080p) movie record mode at the touch of a button. Unleash your creativity with Nikon 1 interchangeable lens system, including one designed specifically for movie filming.The  1 NIKKOR compact interchangeable lenses are designed for fast and easy swap-out, feature vibration reduction (VR II) and superior fast and quiet autofocus motors. All lenses are built on the Nikkor heritage of precision symbolized by durability, superior image quality and optical excellence.Focus that's as fast as the actionExpand creativity and select from a range of lens options, including one designed specifically for movie filming. Engineered for fast and easy swap-out, stay photo-ready all the time. Compactness brings portability, whether using the single focal length 10mm or the 30-110mm telephoto. 1 NIKKOR lenses feature vibration reduction (VR II) to keep photos sharp, extending a heritage of precision symbolized by durability, superior image quality and optical excellence.Moments worth sharing can happen at any time, those which slow focus speed cameras might miss. The Nikon 1 J1 delivers an amazing 10fps speed in autofocus mode. Fast moving action is rendered with amazing clarity, thanks to an incredible 73 point AF array continuously working to ensure everything is sharp and clearBring still photos to life with Motion SnapshotSome images evoke emotions that just cannot be retold simply with a still photo. Remember the feelings you had while watching a wave crash to the shore or fireworks exploding overhead? Motion Snapshot combines still and video up to 20 seconds, with playback in slow motion complete with a selected music soundtrack.Motion Snapshot can make those moments come alive in a single click, creating a unique result beyond a single photo. The still images retain all the details, allowing them to be printed normally.Simultaneously capture Full HD (1080p) movies and photos in the same shotAt times when you're recording a great movie , an opportunity to grab an amazing photo comes along. The Nikon 1 J1 can capture both at the same time. Hit the shutter even during record mode and the autofocus keeps everything sharp, working double duty to simultaneously capture both movies and photos.Let the camera do the work with Smart Photo SelectorFor all the times you wished your camera could capture those great spontaneous moments while they unfolded in front of you, there is Nikon 1. Have too many blurry or poorly lit photos? Or how many photos do you have where someone's eyes were shut? With a single touch using Smart Photo Selector there are no more imperfect photos.  The camera records up to twenty images, then the camera automatically selects and records the single best shot based on movement and composition, as well as four additional candidate images to the memory card. Get the best of what you see. Engage in the moment while you let the camera do the work for you.1 Nikkor lenses combine portability and high performance opticsThe Two Lens Zoom Kit the two vesatile 1 Nikkor lenses below:10-30mmThe 10-30mm standard zoom lens is versatile enough  for family outings, group shots and portraits, with the  of  a f/3.5-5.6 maximum aperture range (picture angle equivalent of a 27-81mm in 35mm format). Vibration reduction (VR II) reduces the chance of blurred photos. Retractable lens barrel design reduces overall size for increased portability.30-110mmA perfect compliment to the 10-30mm is the 30-110mm. Capture stunning portraits with soft focus background effects, fast moving subjects from afar and beauitiful landscapes.   Compact and easy to carry while offering superior sharpness and color correction—even at the widest aperture. Whether it’s a  portrait taken spur of the moment,  or a low light scene the vibration reduction (VR II) will  keep images blur-free.The Nikon 1 J1 allows the freedom to capture and share the incredible world that is yours.
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