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Novoflex Hasselblad Adapter to Cameras

The Novoflex Hasselblad Lens Adapter can be used for mounting Hasselblad lenses with an additional adaptor. The Novoflex Lens Mount Adapter can be used for cameras like Canon EOS, Canon FD, Minolta AF, Leica, Contax, Olympus, Pentax, Rollie SL, and M-42 thread cameras.The Novoflex Adapter Ring helps to retain the lens ability to focusing on infinityThis Novoflex Adapter Ring will not transmit any functions between the lens and the bodyMost of the cameras provides an ability to do the “stopped down metering” with the diaphragm stopped down or allows an aperture priority automatic exposureThe Novoflex Hasselblad Lens Adapter helps you capture a correctly exposed shot with the use of lenses from other manufacturers on various cameras
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