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X-Rite ColorMunki Display

ColorMunki Display is the complete solution for color calibration of both monitors and digital projectors. Precise calibration saves time and materials for those who print, as the results on paper will match the results on screen. For digital projector users, the same precise settings on the monitor will translate to any presentations where color accuracy is required.The wizard-driven interface of the ColorMunki Display makes it quick and easy for anyone to calibrate and profile displays at the speed of life.  For those using multiple displays, the settings for one can be used for all, without the need for repeat calibrations. Choose from the “Easy” mode for convenience, or the “Advanced” mode for those seeking more defined color control. Once the process is completed, the ColorMunki Display relies on your images for the before and after samples.Additional features include Ambient Light Smart Control, which measures the light in and around your workspace and adjusts accordingly.  Flare Correct measures the contrast ratio and compensates for glare on the monitor screen, in order to maintain an accurate profile.Projector profiling uses the same wizard driven process, and is designed to maximize color accuracy from every unique projector.  Profiles can be set from small rooms up to large venues, as the ColorMunki Display includes a built-in tripod mount for accurate placement.
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