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Better Light Rechargable Battery

The Better Light Rechargeable Battery is a lightweight and long-lasting battery ideal to be used with Hi-Speed USB2 scanning back system. It includes two types of batteries, lithium polymer battery and lead acid battery.This rechargeable battery supports the system for six hoursTo be used with USB2 scanning back system, the lithium polymer battery requires a Better Light power cableThe gel-based lithium polymer battery is non-flammable, and more stableAs the battery does not have an auto option for recharging, get it charged through its AC-powered rechargerThe lead-acid battery can give a power back of up to four hoursYou can recharge this Better Light rechargeable battery automatically through the control box provided the box is connected to an AC power source externallyUse the BATT connector in order to connect the control boxThe standard version of the Better Light Rechargeable Battery is a lead-acid battery of 4 pound weight, whereas this lithium polymer battery is of 17.5 ounces weight and is approximately 7.1 x 4.3 x 0.8 inches in size
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