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Better Light 6000 HS

The original Better Light model 6000 has established itself as a reliable, cost-effective problem solver for a wide variety of digital imaging applications. With the addition of the more sensitive Kodak K-2 CCD and a USB-2 interface, the model 6000-HS scan back is twice as sensitive and four times faster, offering an adjustable ISO range from 200 to 3200 ISO. This new CCD technology has also noticeably reduced the digital noise, so images are even cleaner throughout the ISO range.In the studio or on location, work with your existing 4x5 view camera and lenses; and the model 6000-HS will yield image quality that rivals 4x5 transparency film, with an unprecedented level of accuracy and control. The model 6000-HS assures quality image capture for any size reproduction - full-page ad, 2-page spread, even large display prints! Precise digital controls for color balance, exposure, and tonal rendition optimize every image, while rapid scan times deliver finished images in a fraction of the time previously required.Record first-generation digital images with perfect, uninterpolated pixel data up to 6000 x 8000 pixels. Eight selectable resolution levels optimize scan times and image sizes to job requirements. Smaller files are as sharp and clean as full resolution files, since no sub-sampling of data is done to reduce resolution.Use any continuous light source, including daylight, fluorescent, HMI or tungsten; line-frequency flicker rejection minimizes any chance of problems with your choice of lighting. Easy-to-use camera software enhances productivity and keeps your attention on creativity in front of the lens. Rapid prescans provide accurate feedback about image composition and exposure, allowing each image to be quickly adjusted to a level of perfection well beyond the capabilities of film.
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