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Luminos Neutral Black Tone/For Yellow Channel

Preservation Series Monochrome Ink is the latest addition to the Lumijet range of high permanence inks. A truly lush range of image-tones characterizes the full scale images produced with the new Monochrome Ink Sets - brilliant whites, rich blacks and subtle gradations of "middle values".It didn't take long for the fine art Black & White printmakers to discover the ink jet desktop printer. But there are difficulties producing B&W images with conventional CYMK ink sets in the standard RGB mode. Though the varying densities of these color sets afford tonality. They must always be kept at "neutral density" to produce only tones of gray or black. Slight changes from neutral density often create "color casts". The option is to produce an image thru the grayscale mode that only reproduces marginal tonality. Monochrome printer makers demand both fine tonal gradation and neutral tones.The new Preservation Series Monochrome inks offer unmatched B&W tonality because all channels contain only black ink... each of varying degrees of black. Consequently neutral density is maintained regardless of any changes is image values or curve shape. Because of the "varying degrees" of black, greater tonality can be achieved than working in the grayscale mode.This product is designed for Epson 3000.
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