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Lowel DV Creator 1 Kit With LB-30 Case

The Lowel DV Creator 1 Kit is a three-light kit that consists of the Lowe’s tungsten halogen fixture along with the barndoor, umbrella, gel frame, gels, flex arm, light stand, movable interior dividers, and a medium-sized Lowel LB 30 Kit Case.An efficient Pro-light of 250 watts with a high intensity #2 reflector and prismatic glass lens produces uniform light much efficient than a FresnelSince this Pro-light can produce Fresnel-like shadow, it can be used as accent light, low-level key, or backlightWith the help of a power cord, the Pro-light can be turned to a battery powered or hand held lightThe Lowel Omni-light of 500 watts coupled with an umbrella forms an efficient soft backlight sourceThis kit has compact and flexible Tota-light of 800 watts that produces soft back light when coupled with umbrella or gel frameThis Tota-light produces smooth and even background light with the help of adjustable reflectorsThis kit works at 230V AC power supply featuring Euro-style power plugsThe intensity, quality, color, and shape of these lights can be altered using the barndoors, gels, and umbrellasThe included padded kit case protects the equipment during transport and storageThe Lowel DV Creator 1 Kit weighs about 35 lbs
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