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Lowel Studio Light LC-88D Replacement Diffuser

The Lowel 88D Replacement Diffuser is one of the biggest studio light diffusers belonging to the Lowel family. You can make use of the TH-X1000 lamphead and 1000W lamp for obtaining optimum output with softness. When used with 500 or 750W lamps you can get the same softness of light but with a decreased output.It takes a mere 60 seconds to set-up the Lowel LC-88 SoftBox Front DiffusersIt is collapsible and fits into smaller cases and kits easilyWhen this Camera Softbox diffuser is combined with X300 lamphead accessory the available tungsten-halogen range is between 105–1000wThere are also other lamphead choices for daylight screw-in fluorescent or incandescent lightsThe design is similar to an umbrella so that you can set up and strike light quicklyThe state-of-the-art woven glass fabric of this Camera Softbox diffuser offers excellent heat resistanceVarious accessories can be combined with these Lowel LC-88 SoftBox Front Diffusers (optional) for producing different effects and increasing efficiency
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