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Leica SUMMARIT-S 70mm f/2.5 Aspheric Lens

This standard lens, available with or without a central shutter, gives priority to top imaging performance for all applications. In addition to an aspherical surface, special glass with anomalous partial dispersion or high refractive power is used. Focusing combined with a floating element provides consistent high contrast performance through the entire working range, from close-up to infinity.Leica S LensesIf you want perfect pictures, you need perfect lenses. What distinguishes Leica lenses from others is the designer's expertise acquired over decades, selecting the highest-quality glass and precision manufacturing with extremely fine tolerances. For the first time in a camera larger than 35mm format, aspherical lens surfaces are being employed along the entire range of lenses for the highest possible imaging performance. High contrast and the finest delineation of details to the outermost corners of the image are the fruit of these endeavors. Pictures that are already optically perfect at the time they are taken do not need corrective post-processing. The image sharpness and the balanced design yield an especially pleasant progression into out of focus areas, serving the creative composition of the picture. All S lenses stand out in attaining their maximum optical performance at full aperture, and are optimized for all other working distances including the close focus range. Leica S lenses require no compromises in their application: from close-ups in the studio to outdoor landscapes set at infinity, the picture quality remains optimal down to the outermost corners even at full aperture. Stopping down only serves to increase the depth of field.All S lenses come with large, effective lens hoods that mount to the accessory bayonet for space-saving storage during transport. The most important focal lengths in the S systems are optionally available with or without the new Leica central shutter.
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