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Leica S2 Body, Black

Developed exclusively for digital photography without any compromises. With the size and handling of a 35 mm camera, its performance and quality set new standards for medium-format photography. The complete Leica S-System was developed together with professional photographers – with the goal of offering high quality pictures and effortless operation and handling.The entire system is based on a totally new image sensor in Leica S-Format, 30 x 45 mm in size and the classic Leica aspect ration of 3 to 2. The large area and integrated design afford optimal picture quality. With 37.5 million pixels, cropping is never a problem, even for large-format prints.The camera is the perfect instrument; the photographer can now focus on taking pictures rather than on the technology. The LEICA S2 components are the very best quality and finely tuned to one another, producing the perfect picture that is naturally sharp and does not require digital correction.Features:Optical excellenceThe performance of Leica lenses is legendary, and the S lenses are in a class of their own. Peak performance at full aperture and minimum focus are a requirement for all Leica S lenses. All lenses are optimized for the image sensor in the S2. They are devoid of imaging errors, manufactured from the highest-quality glass and metals, and adjusted by hand. Digital correction of optical errors is unnecessary and the image sensor can translate the optical performance into the perfect picture without compromising image quality.Fast when it has to beLarge sensors are no reason to sacrifice speed and convenience. If required, the specially developed Maestro processor can generate JPEG files as quick as a flash for fast data transfer, and supplies 1.5 images a second- the S2 is ready to shoot again right away. The special metal-blade, focal plane shutter provides the shortest exposure time at 1/4000 second. The image sensor’s high maximum sensitivity of up to ISO 1250 makes low-noise pictures possible even in low light.Reliable qualityLeica developed all components of the S2 for professional photographers. Renowned photographers participated in the development of the S system from the outset. Professionals need one thing above all: efficient and reliable technology of the utmost quality. Highly skilled workers make Leica products because only they can detect and correct the smallest discrepancies and thereby guarantee perfect functioning. All components of the Leica S system provide the legendary Leica quality – made in Germany.Central Shutter or Focal plane shutter?How about both? The S2 offers a fast focal plane shutter; the most important focal length lenses are also available with a completely new central shutter with exposure times of up to 1/500 of a second. The main switch allows the photographer to choose between the central shutter for fast flash synchronized times or the focal plane shutter with its wider range of exposure times. The Leica S2 is the only digital camera offering this choice in a diversified line of lensesIntelligent solutions for perfect functioningFew camera manufacturers have more experience in photography than Leica. This experience teaches them that while difficult tasks may require complex technical solutions, a camera should always be as simple and intuitive to use as possible, Only then can the photographer concentrate on what really matters: taking perfect pictures. The Leica S2 is the ideal tool for this.Fast and precise auto-focusingThe ultra-fast auto-focus system specially developed by Leica for the S2, allows you to master even hectic situations. A central cross-type sensor not only registers the focus quickly, but with extremely high precision. An easily accessible AF-lock button affords flexibility in the choice of focus; the photographer may manually control the focusing at any time with the focusing ring on the lens.The ideal formatThe Leica S format offers ideal composition possibilities. Compared with 35mm, the depth of field is less for a given aperture, allowing more possibilities for the appealing play of both the sharp and out-of-focus images areas. At the same time, by closing the aperture, you can achieve greater depth of field when needed even under difficult lighting conditions. The creative possibilities of composition are broadened without cutting corners.Compact and handyState-of-the-art design methods and highly integrated digital technology make the Leica S2 more compact than many 35mm cameras despite the larger sensor size. It feels compact; all the controls are located where the photographer expects them to be and the camera and lens interact perfectly together. Sturdy and durableThe S2 does not balk at rough environmental conditions. Camera and lenses are sealed and protected against dust, rain and water. The sturdy, magnesium die-cast housing of the camera and the all-metal lenses retain integrity even under impact. The Leica S2-P variant with sapphire glass is practically impervious to environmental effects. The S system is designed for a very long service life and will never let its owner down, even after years of hard professional use.Optimized operationWith the Leica S2, anyone can master the operation immediately. The bright viewfinder with its large eyepiece affords a supers overview. There are no seldom-used buttons, no separation between analog and digital functions and no hidden features. A generously sized monitor with four buttons for checking the image, a traditional shutter speed dial, a multi-function control dial, a measurement data storage button and a color information display on top; are everything you need apart from the shutter release button. All the functions are grouped into the following categories: image settings, display and setup. They appear on the monitor. Pressing on of these buttons takes you to the appropriate menu, where you can select the desired feature using the control dial – simply and logically.Universal format, even for raw dataThe Leica S2 uses the latest version (1.3) of Adobe’s Digital Negative Format (DNG) to store raw image data. Most image editing programs can read the DNG format, and thanks to the extremely high correction level of the S lenses, no corrections of optical performance are necessary in digital post-processing. S2 owners can use the image editing software they prefer without lengthy intermediate steps. The universal workflow solution of Adobe Lightroom is included with the S2 and affords professional support from input and editing, to archiving and image display. The Leica Image Shuttle software, also included, allows tethered control of the camera with the computer. The sub 2.0 connecting cable uses a LEMO plug with strain relief.The S2 is the only camera larger than 35mm that can optional generate JPEG files for quick use with the highest quality. The camera has slots for both SD and CompactFlash memory cards for fast and parallel storage of images in JPEG and DNG formats for the combination of immediate feedback on the set and optima image quality.Includes:Leica S2 Body, Black12 month limited warrantyAdobe Lightroom SoftwareLeica Image ShuttleBatteryCharging UnitUSB Cable
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