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Kodak Supra Endura VC 5x 288' F

The Kodak Supra Endura VC 5" x 288' F can be an ideal choice of digital paper to create color prints from the files of digital cameras or scanned negatives. It is fast, resin coated, and has multiple layers. This digital paper is designed to be compatible with all kinds of digital printer equipments like LED, laser, and CRT print engines.The Kodak Professional Endura Paper is available in F(glossy), N (smooth matt), and E(luster, fine-grained) roll format surfacesThis Supra Endura VC digital paper is widely used for wedding, commercial applications, and portraits as it features neutral tone scale, excellent flesh tones, and brilliant colorThis digital paper comes with a visibly identifiable back print that clearly states its copyright protectionThe Kodak Supra Endura VC 5" x 288' F offers you with economical and robust processing performanceThe print consistency of this Kodak Professional Endura paper makes calibrating workflow easierThe process maintenance is lowered with this digital paper due to  its clean processAdvanced color coupler technology, high-tech image stability, and lower operating costs makes this Supra Endura VC digital paper glossy very unique
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