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Kaiser RSX Copy Stand Kit with 50" Counterbalanced Column

The Kaiser RSX Copy Stand is a flexible, multi-functional, adaptable stand that is specially designed for large cameras.It ensures to provide extreme low vibration and angular precision for perfect resultWith exact height adjustment, this stand can withstand heavy-duty cameras,An integrated coil spring in this stand helps weight adjustmentsYou can easily and exactly position and place your camera with the help of the printed grid marking on 20"X24" on a solid baseboardThis grid baseboard is made of glare-free non-reflecting matt blackIt features a spirit level, which ensures correct positioning of the cameraThis stand also has a special column tube with matt black anodized finishThe inch and centimeter scale, rack-and-pinion are specially meant for height adjustmentThe RTX arm of this stand allows you to mount the camera securely and preciselyThis RTX arm features a horizontal adjustability, locking knob, front and rear camera positions, and camera screw to mount various type of camerasThis camera positioning device is of 25 lbs, and it has a capacity to with stand a load of 7 lbs
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