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Kapture Group Toolbox Trigger Control System

If you're serious about shooting stop action product splashes, pours, drops and spills, Kapture Group's Toolbox is the most comprehensive triggering control system available. Designed to simplify high speed and special effect photography, including zone focus control, rear curtain sync techniques and light painting applications, this versatile system offers unrivaled flexibility which can be custom configured for the task at hand.At the heart of the system is the Universal Delay, which is the timing mechanism and also interconnects the system's primary and secondary triggering devices. This precision module, designed to compliment the sound and laser triggers, allows for the precise placement of fast moving subjects. It utilizes a 10-turn dial calibrated in 100 increments per revolution for a total of 1000 selectable degrees of delay in each of two ranges, low for high-speed applications, and high for general purpose use. Choose from PC and motor drive outputs.The system's primary trigger devices are the Laser Trigger and the Sound Trigger. The Laser Trigger is designed for high-speed beam triggering applications. It features a setup mode and beam verification LED. Upon activation, the laser automatically turns off for two seconds and will not appear in the shot. The Sound Trigger provides acoustic coupling to any system trigger input. The unit's microphone is directional and the sensitivity is variable over a wide range. A two-second lockout, which automatically resets, giving you time to close your shutter when open flash techniques are employed.The system's secondary triggers are the Electronic Cable Release and the Slave Strobe. The Electronic Cable Release is designed to release the shutter of any camera regardless of format. Open flash techniques can be eliminated in all but the very fastest applications. The Slave Strobe fires from any system output.To ensure easy and safe setups, the system includes a set of standardized 5-pin cables. These cables come in three lengths (3, 10 and 20') and eight colors. A custom hard case for all components is provided to help protect and organize the system. One year warranty.
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