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Cengage Learning Digital SLR Pro Secrets by David D. Busch (Paperback)

350 Pages - PaperbackSome amazing things have happened to the digital photography world in the past year. Kodak is getting out of the film camera business and suspending research on new film products. Sales of digital cameras have exceeded sales of film cameras of all types for the first time ever. And, finally, affordable digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras priced at less than $1000 have been introduced by Canon, Nikon, Pentax, and Minolta. Serious photographers spent years on the wrong side of a tantalizing barrier that separated them from their dream DSLR cameras that were priced at $1500 to $5000 or more. Now, every serious amateur, photo hobbyist, and part-time professional can easily afford a fully-featured interchangeable lens digital camera. Anyone who wants the most versatility and sophisticated, yet easy-to-use capabilities of the DSLR will be flocking to digital imaging at a feverish pace. These buyers — some of them new to digital photography, and some not — will be looking for books that tell them how to use their new digital equipment in creative ways.Table of Contents1. Pro Secrets for Raising the Bar on Quality2. Using Telephoto Lenses Like a Pro3. Pro Wide-Angle Lens Tips4. Advanced Infrared Photography5. Close-Up, Macro, and Product Photography6. Pro Lighting and Studio Techniques7. More Build-It-Yourself Gadgets and Tricks
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