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LaCie 4big Quadra 4-bay raid, USB 2.0, FireWire 400 & 800 & eSATA

 The LaCie 4big Quadra 12TB is the most complete four-bay RAID option for small servers, pro workstations at home or at the office. When your work require large storage and backup capabilities along with superior speed and advanced security, you will feel confident when you use LaCie’s products that your data is safe and secure.The 4big Quadra offers superior support for the most demanding applications. Pre-configured in RAID 0 for full speed and capacity, it can reach up to 260MB/s through eSATA 3Gb/s. Alternative RAID modes such as RAID 5 can be configured quickly on startup to Handel speed, security, and capacity.With the secure RAID modes, RAID 5, RAID 3 and RAID 10, the 4big Quadra enables you to keep data safe even if one disk fails. The hot-swappable disk trays allow maintenance without affecting your workflow. "Spare" modes offer a second level of protection, like automatic maintenance, the 4big Quadra will immediately start to rebuild the RAID protection in case of a disk failure. Optimal spare disks are available to offer immediate replacement.With capacity to store hours of A/V streams, the 4big Quadra will suit the demands of editors who work with Apple® Final Cut Pro®. It comes with eSATA and FireWire 800, so you can get the highest bandwidth. FireWire or iLink DV cameras can be chained via FireWire to get the most of your equipment when open ports are limited. When used in RAID 0 or RAID 5, the 4big Quadra supports multiple audio, DV, SD, and HD streams, and up to one stream of uncompressed 10-bit NTSC video in playback. Even more performance can be achieved when you connect several units together to a multilane eSATA four-port host adapter. This will support multi-stream uncompressed 10-bit 1080i HD post-production work.Configured in secured RAID mode, the 4big Quadra will archive and protects hundreds of thousand of raw photos with speed for imaging professionals. This is the tool for securely managing all projects from your photography, videography, artwork or a home based network. The 4big Quadra makes it easy to open or back up your libraries by a simple push of the Shortcut Button on the front panel.The 4big Quadra comes with Genie® Backup Manager Pro for Windows® and Intego® Backup Manager Pro for Mac. This software will enable you to efficiently back up your documents, emails, settings, or other digital assets. You can schedule and customize the type of backup you want. Professionals will love the Genie and Intego programs that can easily find and open previous versions of your documents. With computer recovery options, anyone will be able to restore their configuration and to go right back to work in the event of a disaster with their computer system. The 4big Quadra is compatible with Time Machine® making it easy to back up directly from your Mac.Quiet and reliable cooling system, the 4big Quadra has the Noctua and the NF-P12 fan technology. The nine-blade design and the vortex-control notches of the blower provide superior pressure and airflow at a volume fewer than 19dBA with ratings at 150,000 hours MTBF. Its ultra-quiet design is great for the most noise-sensitive environments when creativity is a must.With the 4big Quadra's versatility and space-saving design, your storage options are near limitless. Designed by industrial designer, Neil Poulton the sturdy aluminum body is stackable and will offer space-saving qualities in any work environment. With a FireWire bus, it can be daisy-chained with fewer cables connected to your computer. When using the four-port eSATA multi-lane host adaptor, you can connect up to four 4big Quadra with up to 48TB storage and speeds up to 600MB/s using programs such as Apple Disk Utilities to offer an extra level of RAID 0 performance.The 4big Quadra power consumption has been reduced by 30% as compared to the previous 4-disk RAID generations. Further reduce power by up to 80% by using the “Auto” mode on the three position power button. The 4big can go into standby mode automatically and synchronize with the computer’s activity. When maintenance is required, the 4big can be disconnected from the computer during a RAID protection rebuild. The 4big can complete the task in standalone mode even if you turned the computer off.
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