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Delkin eFilm Archival Gold DVD-R /Single

Delkin efilm is now available in single packages! Each archival PVC-free jewel case holds one Archival Gold DVD-R safely suspended by its center to protect the disc from accidental bumps and damage. Disc insert can be reversed for easy cataloging or data. Perfect for long term storage of photos, music, data, documents, videos, and more.Use Archival Gold media to store what’s most important to you. Each Archival Gold DVD-R can store 4.7GB or 2 hours of data and is rated at a speed of 8x. Guaranteed lifetime of 100 years.The Archival Gold DVD-R HAS a larger capacity then the CD-R, allowing you to store more images in one location. The innovative materials and manufacturing methods used to produce Archival Gold DVD-R's make them among the most reliable storage media available. Other DVD-R's may deteriorate quickly due to common environmental factors: ultraviolet light, heat, and humidity. Using N.I.S.T.'s (National Institute of Standards and Technology) accelerated aging process to test the longevity of DVD-R media, the Archival Gold DVD-R has been shown to safely store your images for more then 100 years.Features:Stores 4.7GB or 2 hours of data and is rated at a speed of 8xPatented Phthalocyanine dye formula that gives a storage lifeof 300 years Gold is one of the most reflective robust elements on Earth, more than 20 of 24k gold in every CD-RMaximum resistance to the harmful effects of oxidation, amain cause of failure to optical media.
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