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Wacom Cintiq 21UX 21.3" TFT LCD with Pen

The combination of a color LCD with industry-leading pen input capabilities allows photographers, designers, animators and other creative professionals to work naturally and intuitively directly on the surface of the large-format, 21.3" screen.The Cintiq 21UX detects 2048 levels of pressure, giving you even more control over pressure-sensitive pen effects such as line weight, opacity, and exposure. With Wacom's new Tip Sensor, the pen now features a lower activation force that captures even the most subtle nuances of pressure.The ambidextrous design of the second generation Cintiq 21UX features a pair of rear-mounted Touch Strips, along with accompanying Touch Strip Toggle Buttons. In this manner, you'll gain instant control of up to four application-specific Touch Strip functions on each Touch Strip, such as brush size, zooming, scrolling and canvas rotation. Sixteen ExpressKeys (eight on either side of the display) boost productivity by providing quick access to keyboard shortcuts and modifier keys.Features:Slightest Nuance - Featuring Wacom's Tip Sensor, Cintiq 21UX now captures the slightest nuance of pen pressure, starting with as little as a single gram of force. Working Under Pressure - With 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, you'll feel just like you're working with a traditional paintbrush, marker, pen or pencil. Dynamically adjust exposure, brush size and line weight simply by varying the pressure of the pen on the screen.At Your Fingertips - All 16 ExpressKeys are customizable, giving you handy access to application-specific keyboard shortcuts and modifiers. The Show Settings key displays your current key settings on-screen.Touch and Go - Two rear-mounted, finger-sensitive Touch Strips, along with two Touch Strip Toggle buttons speed your workflow and let you comfortably control up to four functions (including zoom, scroll, brush size and canvas rotation) in each of your software applications.Change Your Point of View - In addition to reclining, the Cintiq 21UX freely rotates up to 180° in either direction to accommodate your arm's natural drawing movements, or to quickly change your viewing angle.Reclines for Comfort - The Cintiq 21UX reclines from 10° to 65°, allowing you to find your most comfortable working position. The Cintiq 21UX can also easily be removed from the stand and laid flat on a tabletop or mounted on an articulating arm (not included).Big and Beautiful - The large, stylish 21.3" display with its 1600 x 1200 pixel resolution, delivers both a high-quality visual experience and plenty of room to edit, design and create. Color calibrate the Cintiq to match other displays, as well as your output or printing process.Switches, Where You Want Them - User-defined switches are preset to "right-click" and "double-click", or can be set to your most commonly- used functions. Natural Feel - The Cintiq 21UX Grip Pen features a new contoured barrel designed to minimize grip effort, reduce stress to your hand and wrist, and otherwise emulate the feel of your favorite writing instrument.True Value - The Cintiq 21UX combines two powerful tools in one—an extra large professional pen tablet and a high-quality, color-accurate graphics monitor. The result is a tool that helps you work faster and more naturally.Peek Inside - The new pen stand not only functions as a convenient pen holder, but also provides a handy twist-off storage compartment containing pen nibs and a pen nib removal tool.Accessorize - To complement your Cintiq, choose from a variety of accessories, including alternate pens such as the Art Pen, Airbrush or Classic Pen, as well as pen nibs and other replacement parts.Includes:Cintiq 21UX Interactive Pen DisplayGrip PenPen StandDisplay StandFive Replacement Pen NibsDVI-I to VGA cable adapterDVI-I to DVI-D cable adapterAC Power AdapterPower CableRotation Lock Screws (4)Bearing hub recess cover plate and screwsQuick Start Guide and User ManualInstallation CD (includes driver software and electronic manual)Application DVD
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