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Nik Color Efex Pro 4

Nik Color Efex Pro 4 provides the most comprehensive set of tools for color correction enhancements, retouching, and creative effects. Quickly stylize images, retouch portraits with ease, and expand creativity with unmatched control and versatility.Improvements in Color Efex Pro 4 include one-click Visual Presets and Filter Recipes on the left side of the interface, with important filter and selective controls placed conveniently on the right side. Combined with the updated zoom navigator, shortcut keys and additions to the Histogram that now show highlight and shadow clipping, editing becomes more efficient in terms of options and time spent.Revolutionary U Point TechnologyColor Efex Pro 4 features U-Point technology, combined with the most unique and powerful image editing tools available, allowing the user multiple options for correction and creativity. The U Point technology enables users to target specific areas of an image using single click control points. Each point allows the user to add or remove effects, all without complicated selections or layer masks. Color Efex Pro 4 automatically and naturally blends the changes and enhancements throughout the image, creating spectacular results.Improved Favorites and Additional OptionsColor Efex Pro 4 offers improved versions of Brilliance/Warmth, Contrast Only,Film Efex: Modern, Film Grain, High / Low Key, Paper Toner, Pro / Tonal Contrast and Sunlight filtersColor Efex Pro 4 adds two filters that will quickly become favorites, Dark Contrasts and Detail Extractor. The Dark Contrasts filter utilizes a technique to exaggerate details and textures, creating a moody result that’ is ideal for a film noire style. The Detail Extractor filter balances light and tonality while accentuating contrast details throughout the image.Also included are three distinct film emulation features. The Faded filter simulates old, poorly handled prints, while the Nostalgic filter creates effects based on imagined film types captured with a toy camera. The Vintage filter simulates the look and qualities of the earliest types of color films. Choose the Image Borders option to add a finishing touch to the image.  Select from organic image elements to create unique and completely random borders, all of which can be scaled to each individual image.Visual Presets and Filter OptionsVisual presets allow a complete preview of all 55 filters, designed to quickly enhance any image with just one click. Color Efex Pro 4 includes dozens of pre-installed Recipes, all categorized for easy search. Simply locate the desired style and apply it with one click. User modified Recipes can be saved for future use and even exported to share with other Color Efex Pro users.Also featured are Filter Combinations, all of which can be edited until a desired result is achieved. Experimentation and creativity is encouraged- simply start with one or even several filters, then adjust, add or subtract based on the results. The History Browser records every step, allowing for easy step by step recall of all adjustments and effects used. The results can also be previewed with before and after comparisons in full screen, side by side, or split viewSelective Tools and Smart Filter CompatibilityFor photographers used to working within Photoshop and prefer the extra control that painting directly on an image affords, Color Efex Pro 4 features the Selective Tool. Brush any filter effect quickly and easily on to the image, with layers and masks created automatically.After applying an effect, clicking the "Brush" button allows access to the filter using the built-in brush tools found in Photoshop. Further control is achieved when used with conjunction with Wacom pen based tablets (sold separately). If additional layers are not required or desired after the effects have been applied, Color Efex Pro 4 is compatible with the Smart Filter option in Photoshop. This feature also allows experimentation in a non-destructive environment, where the effects can be seen without affecting the original image.Multiple Platforms and Image SupportColor Efex Pro 4 integrates seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom and Apple Aperture. In addition, Lightroom and Aperture users can access and enhance multiple images- when multiple images are open, they can be navigated using the “Previous” and ‘Next” buttons.
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