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Ilford 400 Delta 135 x 100' roll

Ilford 400 Delta Professional is a fast, fine grain black and white film, ideal for pictorial and fine art photography. Prints made from 400 Delta Professional film exposed at ISO 400/2 7 have very fine grain and outstanding sharpness.The superb image qualify of 400 Delta Professional means that it is possible to use this film in situations that would usually require a medium speed film. Its ISO 400/27 speed rating, however, allows the use of higher shutter speeds or greater depth of field than with a medium speed film while giving similar qualify results. Additionally, the speed of 400 Delta Professional ensures excellent results in low lighting conditions.Ilford 400 Delta Professional, though, is more than an ISO 400/27 film. Its exposure latitude allows good quality results to be obtained over the exposure range ISO 200/24 to ISO 1600/33.
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