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Horseman LD Pro View Camera for Digital Backs

For photographers, the ability to manipulate camera movement can make all the difference in sharpness and quality. The Horseman LD Pro provides users all the tools of high-end large format photography in a system specifically designed for digital camera backs.The LD Pro's wide range of bellows adjustments are possible at the front and rear. Swing and center tilt can cover a full 360 degrees (at the image center). Maximum rise and fall are 30mm in either direction, and shift also comprises up to 30mm either way. By combining rise, fall and shift, images can be "stitched" together for novel effects.With its included sliding back adapter the, Horseman LD Pro enables the user to concentrate on framing, focusing and image capture by simply shifting the digital back. Framing and focusing are done on a ground glass focusing screen. When the image composition has been made, the user flips the focusing glass up, shifts the mount portion (digital camera back) to the left and captures the image.Flange focal distance from 35mm to 300mm (1:1 macro shots can be taken with a 180mm lens when the bellows are extended to the maximum limit).Tilt and swing axes designed to stay in the digital camera's image plane, keeping the image frame constant and in focus even when rear tilt or swing are applied; a major time- and labor-saving feature for the professional.MFD (Main Frame Drive) mechanism allows parallel movements of the main frame portion. Since focus plane rise does not affect the precisely focused position, vertical stitching becomes easier.Horizontal movement by 17mm either to the left or right is allowed on a slide back for horizontal stitching with ease.Without moving the tripod, and without in any way changing the bellows extension, the entire camera can be slid along this monorail for re-focusing without changing the image frame.LD Pro bodySliding back adapter
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