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Horseman LD View Camera for Nikon, F Mount

The Horseman LD now gives you an opportunity to add full bellows functions -- like in a medium or large format view camera -- to your Nikon digital single lens reflex camera while maintaining all its normal functions. Up front, you can attach any standard medium or large format camera lens (including those with Hasselblad and Mamiya mounts).Especially in architectural work and industrial product photography, but also in restricted spaces, you can use tilt, swing, shift, fall, rise and any combination of these to change the lens position and angle versus the image plane. An obvious example is to get an entire object plane into focus even when it is not parallel to the camera's image plane. Think of photos for a cookbook, for instance; you're shooting at an angle but still want the whole dish in focus. Tilt the lens with the bellows and this effect can be achieved. Bellows movements let you avoid, correct -- or deliberately introduce -- image distortions and gives you great new freedom in focusing and image composition.Wide lens compatibility: The LD can be used with large-format camera lenses (with focal lengths of 90mm and up), interchangeable lenses with Hasselblad V-system mounts, Asahi Pentax 645/67 lenses, and Mamiya 645/67 lenses (Mamiya lenses require separately sold adapters)Wide range of bellow adjustments: Adjustments are possible at the front and rear. Swing and center tilt can cover a full 360 degrees (at the image center). Maximum rise and fall are 30mm in either direction, and shift also comprises up to 30mm either way. Tilt and swing axis stays at center of image: Just as in a Horseman view camera, the swing and/or tilt axis always goes right through the center of the sensor image. This means that re-framing is never required after applying or adjusting rear plane swing or tilt angle.Focus without changing the image ratio: The camera base is mounted on monorail on which it can be moved back and forth by a rack-and-pinion drive. Without moving the tripod, and without in any way changing the bellows extension, the entire camera can be slid along this monorail for re-focusing.Easily switch to portrait or landscape format: As the camera is fixed to a revolving mount, you can easily switch between landscape and portrait positions with a single turn of a knob.
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