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Horseman SW-612 Pro Medium Format Panorama Camera with 55mm Apo-Grandagon Lens

The Horseman SW-612 Pro is a supremely professional battery-less system ideal for handheld shooting.The camera body is stout and features rubber grips, two camera strap lugs, and a built-in spirit levelYou can mount a lens guard under the camera as well as the finder that has interchangeable masks on the top mounted "cold" accessory shoeThe rear of the camera is designed to accept Horseman's 120 roll film holders and enables compatibility with 6x7, 6x9, or 6x12 cm formatsAn optional ground glass back composition for accurate operation of the camera is also availableView the focusing scales and the spirit level through the viewfinderConsists of 3 interchangeable film backs and lenses, which includes masks with viewfinderThe Horseman SW-612 Pro camera has the capacity to displace the camera and lens axes both vertically and horizontallyThe vertical displacement is identified as rise or fall and is ideal for architectural photographyThe horizontal displacement is identified as lateral shift can be used to avoid camera/photographer reflections and at the same time retain particular vantage pointsThis system can rise or fall by 17mm and laterally shift by 15mm It weighs 3.46lb, includes camera, finder, 6x12 holder,  and measures 6.5 x 4x 5.2" (W x H x D)A neck strap and center neutral density filter is also included to balance the wide angle lenses' exposure
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