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Horseman Digiflex II Camera Body

The Horseman DigiFlex II Camera Body is designed to combine with all advanced digital camera backs that come with Hasselblad mount. All features and functions of camera backs are utilized in this DigiFlex II Camera Body and digital photography is made possible in this SLR as it comes with a built-in CPU.You can use all the F-mount lenses such as ultra-wide angle, telescopic, and fish eye from any manufacturer with this camera bodyWhen the F-mount flange back is used, the Horseman DigiFlex II Camera Body enables you to shoot at a 114° wide angle viewIt is compatible with multi-shot digital backs or such as 2-shot, 3-shot, 4-shot, or 16-shot modesThis DigiFlex II Camera Body when used with CCD camera gives a full 24 x 36mm picture sizeWhen used with digital backs that come with 36 x 36mm frame size, the resolution is higher about 10.68 million pixelsA shutter speed of up to 1/2000 sec is provided and the flash synchronization works at 1/125 sec with the help of a built-in CPU and new timing control optionThe Horseman DigiFlex II Camera Body also includes new features such as motorized shutter, mirror action, and solenoid shutter releaseEquipped with electrical contacts, the Horseman Digiflex II Camera Body makes cordless interface possible and gives all the functionalities of a 35mm SLR 
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